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Surviving a Pandemic.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Whew. 2020. What a year.

What a year it has been for everyone. 2020 has and will forever impact the way we do life. Life as we know it, has shifted towards a different dimension whether we acknowledge it or not. As for me, 2020 brought upon many life changing storms—some for the good; some for the better. I believe it all is working out for my good.

Last year taught me to trust God and to hear Him through as I go through. My heart has become heavier in the spiritual world. I see things so differently now. I cannot help but to be more sensitive to the times of the present. Everything will count in this new season. The way we walk, talk and become will inadvertently contribute to our whole being.


This year, my focus is healing and setting a firm foundation within myself. There are many things I aspire to do, but I feel the Lord has me in a sowing season—planting; giving back. Within this particular season, it is a very quiet one. Minimum speaking. Exclusive availability. Self prioritizing. The Bible makes it very clear that we all are to tend to our own salvation (Philippians 2:12). How can we do so if we are always available, frivolously dispensing ourselves? There must be a season of retreat; soul searching and healing. I am here for it and I make no apologies about it.

What I am expecting?

Peace and correct destiny posture. I desire to follow God and genuinely let Him lead. My 30s are already special to me. I have the opportunity to truly dictate how I will let my voice be heard. In my 20s, I was searching for my voice. Now in my 30s I want to nurture it. Embrace it.

Lord, be still within me.

Rashell Selah

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